Why Smart Detox Program Can Slimming The Body

Why Smart Detox Program Can Slimming The Body?

Why Smart Detox Can Lose Weight or Slimming ? Before answering this question, let’s first discuss what Smart Detox is. Smart Detox literally translates detoxification in a smart way is a detoxification program or cleansing the body of toxins or poisons for a certain period of time, using healthy nutrition which is a combination of superfood foods, beneficial to health, restoring the health of organs that help the process of removing toxins. Performed with 232 patterns, intermittent intervals of 2 days half regular meal plus smart detox, followed by 3 days full detox, only eating superfood smart detox.

If anyone says “Pantes can reduce weight right to reduce food?” “Is it the same as a calorie diet?” Yes, but not 100% correct, when you do Smart Detox, your meal portions are reduced and replaced with the Smart Detox superfood package. The difference is not 100% holding back eating and you don’t need to torture yourself holding hunger. Food was replaced with the Smart Detox package. Nutrition is replaced with a healthier package of nutrients derived from selected fruits and vegetables, so that even though not 100% full of digestion and the body is maintained, unlike extreme diets that resist hunger. In doing Smart Detox if the body is not strong or dizzy, it is recommended to eat as usual.

Does Smart Detox have any restrictions? Another diet too? Then just abstain, no need to detox.

Diet means to regulate diet. Of course for effective weight loss and slimming, there are foods that need to be shunned during the Smart Detox program, such as Instant Noodle, sweetened beverage packaging, meatballs, and fried foods. Smart Detox is NOT ONLY RELAXED but abstinence is only used so that our digestion takes a break from digesting heavy food and is replaced with a Smart Detox nutritional package that helps cleanse digestion from poisons or toxins and nourishes the organs so that digestion and other organs work prime. cleansing the body of poisons and fat burning becomes more effective because excess fat is considered poison, this is what helps you lose weight or streamline the body. Smart Detox is fat loss not weight loss.

Is Smart Detox a slimming drug that has health risks?

Smart Detox is not a slimming drug. Smart Detox is a supplement with food-grade nutrition. The risk of Smart Detox is usually like a hungover, it’s even more because it changes the eating patterns that normally eat full to be replaced by Smart Detox. If this happens, it is recommended to eat as usual. If the body considers the Smart Detox nutritional package to be considered well, it is considered normal nutrition.

Smart Detox Results

  • Ideal weight
  • Fresh body
  • Cell regeneration and molecular renewal therapy
  • Anti aging, or prevent premature aging, prevent degenerative diseases
  • Your skin is clean and bright
  • Increase vitality

Smart Detox from Synergy provides total detoxification therapy, which cleanses 6 of our vital organs.

  1. Heart (Circulatory System)
  2. Large Intestine (Digestion and Disposal System)
  3. Liver (Poison and Chemical Cleansing System)
  4. Kidney (Urinary Tract Cleansing System)
  5. Lungs (Respiratory System)
  6. Bones and Muscles