What you need to know before getting tested for drugs

What you need to know before getting tested for drugs

What you need to know before getting tested for drugs – Getting screened is always a scary experience. But what are the ways to fool screening? Do these products work? The answer is yes. Here are some suggestions. Drug testing is a fundamental tenet of working life almost everywhere in the United States. Employees from other countries are also subjected to drug tests , especially if they work in the transport industry, for the government, or if they are professional athletes. However, these tests are not widely used in all private industries. In the United States, however, drug testing is still widespread. An employer can fire you directly for drug-related reasons. Civil rights and labor laws do not protect you.

No matter when you need a drug test, it can be a trying experience. No matter where you are, you need to know what to expect.


Drug testing is so common that most people have heard of it. But what is it really? Are all screening tests the same?

Commercial drug tests today detect a number of drugs , not just cannabis. This includes cocaine, heroin, alcohol, amphetamines and PCP.

Drug tests can analyze breath, blood, urine, hair, sweat, and saliva . To facilitate analysis and reduce costs, most companies use urine tests.

What drug tests are looking for are drug metabolites. In other words, traces of drugs that are still present in the body . Technically, any drug can be found in any body fluid or excretion. This is also true for hair and toenails. In practice, what is generally done is urine tests. As a screened person, you have nothing to say about that.

In addition, the threat is different if you use cannabis for therapeutic purposes . Patients have to take much more extreme precautions. In fact, most patients who need to be tested for drugs often exchange their urine.

Since most drug tests are announced in advance, users have a little time to prepare. Keep in mind that most employee drug screenings also target cannabis users.


Unlike cocaine and heroin, which leave the system in 1 to 4 days, cannabis is detectable in the body up to 11 weeks after its use, even for occasional users. It depends of course on the regularity of consumption, metabolism, and weight. However, the vast majority of people who find themselves in the situation of having to clean their system are actually cannabis users.

What is the situation where you need to get an immediate drug test and you can’t postpone it? If you are caught on drugs and driving.

If you think you are going to be tested for drugs and are taking illegal drugs, don’t panic. There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself. It starts with keeping screening tests at home so you can get tested if you need to.


There are several known and real approaches to get through it. The first thing is to try to refrain from using drugs from the time the test is announced, until you do.

No matter what time you have, there are a few mandatory steps. And some things to avoid.


Drink lots of water every day before the test. Cranberry juice, for example, is excellent for this. Think that the exercises and sweating are good, but you may release more cannabis into your body. This is why these screenings have such a bad reputation with regular consumers. The THC they measure in the sample could have been ingested literally weeks before.

Also, look for detox solutions available on the market today. There are some very good ones. If you have the courage to exchange urine during the test, choose the right sample. And practice. Also, try to schedule your test later in the day. If you choose your own urine, remember that it is more concentrated in the morning.


Use more drugs before testing. If you need to take extra precautions, such as swapping your urine, there is a high degree of risk. If you are caught swapping your urine sample for another, you may also be subject to sanctions. It is an admission of guilt. Do not pass your screening without knowing the procedure to follow.


So what can you really buy to help you get screened successfully?

Start with a few detox drinks or  pills that cleanse your system . The real human Powdered urine for drug test They can be found in most head shops – both in stores that are located on the street, and in online stores.

Another good remedy if you have limited time is exercise. THC is stored in body fat. Remember that this can be beneficial or disadvantageous. If you are a heavy consumer, you are more likely to release more THC into your system during exercise. So you certainly don’t want to exercise right before the test. Studies have shown that even moderate exercise for heavy cannabis users can significantly increase THC levels for several hours after activity.

Going to sweat in the sauna is also another option. Large consumers can actually excrete sweat containing THC metabolites. This method was used to detox police officers exposed to methamphetamine laboratories. It’s not the only option you can use. But it can’t hurt.

Dilution is another method to at least fool urine tests. Clean your system is an option. Drink lots of fluids from the time you know until the days of testing. The only negative effect? If the tracking company thinks that you deliberately diluted your urine, you fail. Any way around this? Products like creatine can add substance to weaken the urine. Vitamin C is also a good choice. If you are thinking about this method, be sure to collect urine only in the middle of the stream.

And don’t forget the good old pectin. It is found in most supermarkets. Fruit pectin is a fiber used in the manufacture of jams, and jelly. Mixing it with water on the day of the test may help. The pectin fiber prevents THC from being released into the bloodstream. It is not a good option for large consumers because it will not be powerful enough. Use this method as a backup method, just to be sure.


From there, there is a huge subculture, as well as multiple products designed to help clients fool a drug test. It really depends on the path you choose.

There are obviously detox products for the system as well as urine detox. The first product should be used before screening. These are the best methods that most people rely on. Trying to add purifying drops to the urine during screening is extremely dangerous. Exchanging urine also requires practice and on-site preparation. Pre-screening products all do one thing: they cleanse the metabolites of drugs in the system, including in the urine. Also, it is also possible to buy shampoo that detoxifies the hair.

Replacing your urine is another option. Particularly for therapeutic consumers, or heavy recreational users who cannot detoxify themselves before screening. It’s a science and a technique.

Remember that urine should not only be cleared of drugs, but also given to the nurse / technician at body temperature. They check. If you are tempted to follow this path, do not be afraid. There are many creative products to help you out, including  specially designed fake penises . This kit even comes with fake urine and heated towels to keep it at the right temperature.