Top 5 cannabis strains with high CBD content

Top 5 cannabis strains with high CBD content

Cannabis strains with high CBD content – We looked at what the world of CBD has to offer and picked five of our favorites. They will delight anyone looking for CBD! Various breeders are turning to cultivating a variety with a high CBD content to meet the growing demand for this cannabinoid. Just as breeders have selected incredibly potent strains that are rich in THC , the same thing is happening now with CBD.

Today, there are varieties with an equal ratio of THC and CBD, and varieties with only CBD and without THC (<1%). These 5 following varieties are full of therapeutic cannabinoids, and are perfect when looking for clear brain effects and subtle feelings of relaxation.


THC used to be the only cannabinoid to take center stage with weed. However, the science of cannabis is expanding and other cannabinoids are now being studied more closely. CBD is indeed the newcomer, and has become incredibly popular due to its therapeutic potential. In scientific studies, this compound has demonstrated anti-epileptic, antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and even anti-tumor action, and many cannabis users use the cannabinoid to treat the symptoms of many health problems.

CBD has been shown to interact with the endocannabinoid system , a series of receptors found throughout the body, including the nervous system, the immune system, and the skin. CBD is not limited to medicinal use. Many recreational users enjoy it alone to achieve states of relaxation, and also mix it with high THC strains to keep their heads clear or reduce the psychotropic side effects of THC.


CBD strains are hitting the market fast and strong, so we’ve put together a list of our favorites BEST VARIETIES OF CBD CANNABIS .


The  CBD Fix Auto is the result of a vigorous selection program which was designed to produce a variety with extremely high levels of CBD and with a minimum of THC. The idea behind this project was to provide CBD users with a variety that allowed them to absorb large doses of cannabinoid without hovering. This means that users can smoke in the morning or throughout the day and enjoy the relaxing effects of CBD without compromising their productivity. This 8.8: 1 CBD: THC ratio was made possible by crossing a CBD-rich clone with Northern Lights Auto.

Its large, bushy main buds are rich in trichomes, producing varying levels of CBD of 7-15% with THC levels as low as 0.8%. Smoking these heads leads to a state of meditative calm, increased concentration and a reduction in stress and anxiety. It is an excellent variety before long periods of reading and writing, as well as before social gatherings to put you at ease.

CBD Fix Auto reaches heights that are easily manageable and produces relatively high yields. In addition, its autoflowering nature is perfect for beginners, easy to grow, and quick to flower. Plants grown indoors can provide 325 g / m² and grow to heights between 60–100 cm.

Plants grown outdoors in pots and garden beds reach slightly higher heights of 80–120 cm and produce yields of 120g / plant. CBD Fix Auto goes from seed to harvest in just 70 days.


The  Candida (CD-1) was designed to be a medicinal variety capable of providing enormous CBD content in addition to THC almost nonexistent. The breeders combined the highly therapeutic parent varieties ACDC and Harlequin, and the result was a huge success. Candida (CD-1) has a CBD: THC ratio of 20: 1, with CBD levels between 10.6–20.6% and THC levels between 0.3–0.9%. At rates below 1%, it is possible to smoke this variety without any psychoactive effects. Instead, smokers will experience a lucid state of focus, motivation, and clarity of mind.

It can be enjoyed all day while retaining its mental faculties intact, and is an essential strain for medical users looking for symptomatic relief. Its high levels of CBD make it ideal for the development of quality tinctures, extracts, oils and edibles.

This indica / sativa hybrid is best grown indoors where it produces impressive yields of 400 g / m² after a flowering period of 9 weeks.


The Auto Diesel introduced the world famous Diesel genetics in the world of autoflowering. This beautiful young lady was created by backcrossing a Diesel variety 3 times until the result was standard. It is a variety suitable for beginners, ideal for novices looking to grow something exotic. Its flowers are small and compact, but heavy with dark purple resinous leaves and dusted with a thick layer of trichomes.

Your friends will be both surprised and impressed when you take these purple nuggets out of your supply. This high CBD strain provides a relaxing effect that stimulates the mind and relaxes the body, influenced by both sativa and indica genetics. Your sessions will be punctuated with laughter, fluent conversations and new perceptions. The terpene profile is more on the citrus side, with a hint of petrol and diesel.

After about 70 days from seed, Auto Diesel will provide growers with yields of around 30g / plant. This cultivar is a great choice for those looking for a quick spin.


The  Moby Dick CBD is the CBD version of the prestigious sativa of the same name, known for its astronomical THC content and its colossal size. It was born from the crossing of the parent variety White Widow with a sativa variety provided by CBD Crew. The addition of these genes endowed the variety with a high proportion of cannabidiol.

The CBD: THC ratio in the heads is around 3: 1, with CBD levels at 15% and THC levels hovering around 5%. It is enough to produce a very slight psychotropic effect. Its genetic composition of 60% sativa and 40% indica provides a complete effect that stimulates appetite and puts the user in a relaxed and social mood. Its buds are loaded with contrasting flavors of spices, frankincense, cedar and lemon which blend very well.

The Moby Dick CBD offers immense yields and reaches significant heights, just like its predecessors. Indoor plants produce 650 g / m² after a flowering phase of 70 days. However, this variety really reaches its full potential outdoors, where it produces massive yields of 600–900 g / plant and grows to heights of up to 3m. Outdoor plants will be ready for harvest in mid-October.


The  Kama Kush CBD is a medicinal variety designed to contain high levels of CBD and low but detectable levels of THC, allowing users to benefit from the effects of the two cannabinoids. This indica-dominant strain does wonders for relaxing the body, ridding the mind of thoughts you’re brooding over, and eliminating anxiety and stress.

It was created by infusing the legendary Kush with a variety rich in CBD. Its low THC level allows it to be enjoyed throughout the day during coffee breaks, without affecting productivity. She has a 2: 1 CBD: THC ratio, with CBD levels of 12% and THC levels of 6%. It’s a good strain to keep in a spray bottle for those times of the day when you need CBD and THC urgently.

The Kama Kush CBD is a pleasure to grow, developing thick and durable branches, which makes it very resistant to wind. Indoor plants give satisfactory yields of 500 g / m² and will be ready to be smoked after 55–60 days of flowering. Outdoor plants give rather huge yields of 800 g / plant and will be ready to be cut in September.