top 5 cannabis strains for sex

Top 5 cannabis strains for sex

5 cannabis strains for sex Did you know that cannabis can improve your sex life? But not all strains are necessarily suitable… Let’s explore 5 strains for sex and how cannabis has been included in intimate rituals for many generations.


Having fun with good sensations is an early goal for the cannabis fan. Sharing an intimate moment with your partner, or indulging in a frantic air leg under the effects of cannabis not only brings good feelings, but also invites participants to raise their sexual awareness to the next level.

Hugs, petting, touching and orgasm are incredibly good under the influence of cannabis. We decided it was time to introduce you to the best strains for sex. Let’s explore the most succulent varieties on the market.


The most classic dessert for an intimate dinner is most certainly a creamy dark chocolate cake with delicious strawberry frosting. Sumptuous, isn’t it? Well, the dessert doesn’t stop there. Smoke a little  Choco Candy with your carnal partner and release your inhibitions under the duvet. The dominant sativa ensures a longer duration experience for both partners, mixed with energetic and erotic sensations. Choco Candy has intensified the sexual bond between cannabis fans since its creation. You now know which grass to take for your next meeting.


The history of the intensely exciting Chemdawg begins with the Grateful Dead Tour in 91. Rock’n’roll vibrations are inherent in the trichomes of this spectacular grass. If you want to get into extraordinary threesomes, the Chemdawg is the variety to choose. This delicious seductive sativa gives off smells and flavors of fuel, so that the excited consumer can fill up before the intense activities to come. Smoke, step up a gear and get started with ” Chemdawggy style”.


This 100% indica is perfect for sensual and deeply connected adventures. Here is the recipe for a perfect Blue Cheese experience  : choose a romantic film with your partner, watch it with one eye while wandering your hands, smoke a casing of Blue Cheese and blow the smoke into your partner’s lungs in an attractive way . Once the sensual bond has been established, you can ignore the film. The sofa will suddenly become a love nest for a long time, thanks to the effects nailing to the sofa by Blue Cheese. It is recommended not to smoke too much, otherwise the deep sexual experience will turn into a deeply drowsy experience.


The name reveals everything. The SexBud is ready to fill your consciousness with uplifting sativa excitement and sensual feelings. This cultivar is a true aphrodisiac , perfect for hot adventures like embers. The SexBud is more tantric in nature; sexual activity will deeply connect souls and sexual organs with powerful vibrations. So you could read ancient Tantric texts to find inspiration for future consciousness expansion experiences. Eat lots of healthy food before the 2 hour spiritual session and don’t forget to bring your SexBud with you.


In order to truly master the art of sex, you will need to fully master your body, but also your mind. All too often, the latter is severely impacted by work, the latest news from Facebook, or because of the neighbor who taps the wall, because he hears “animal noises”. In order to completely free your mind and allow yourself to be completely immersed in your partner, you will have to ignore any distraction.

And that’s where the  Shining Silver Haze comes in. Think of it as the cannabis equivalent of cupid. She will shoot her arrow to make disappear the cloud of pessimism which darkens your mind. You will feel invigorated, determined, and more focused than ever. Just make sure you don’t have to work the next day, as the night may be very long!


Cannabis has been used at the same time as sex for thousands of years . It has great cultural significance in many countries and has been consumed to stimulate and suppress sexual desire. How our ancestors viewed cannabis and its relationship to sex and how the modern scientific community sees it are points that we will discuss later.

Sex and cannabis can cause very gratifying sensations in our brains. In the same way that sex triggers the “pleasure center” of our brain, cannabis activates its own system in our body – the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors that interact with the unique cannabinoids found in cannabis. The only other abundant natural source of cannabinoids we know of is our own body. By introducing exogenous cannabinoids from the cannabis plant into our system, we can cause feelings of euphoria – a feeling also experienced when we engage in one form or another of sexual activity. It is therefore logical that many of our ancestors saw the potential of this union and began to combine them into an ultimate experience.


Tantra is a mythical Hindu-Buddhist tradition which believes that enlightenment (“Nirvana”) can be achieved through physical and mental transcendental exercises. Yoga, meditation and tantric sex are examples of this kind of exercise.

Many advanced methods in Tantra require the use of cannabis. Sacred texts have been discovered describing how common these cannabis practices were in ancient India, and it is believed that the complexity, thoroughness and intensity described would be beyond the reach of many modern Tantra practitioners.

This is due to the fact that the practice of Tantra has now spread all over the world: many of the practitioners are far from its place of origin, culture and the communities that saw the birth of Tantra. While today Tantra can certainly be helpful in helping to find spiritual and sexual arousal, it is in no way comparable to the complexity and intensity revealed in ancient texts.

One of the philosophies of Tantra is that the human body is intertwined with an energy system linked to natural and cosmic energies. Men and women have varying degrees of these energies within them and, through tantric sex, these energies are untied to create circuits, thereby allowing both partners to reach new heights of spiritual experience, pleasure and d ‘privacy. This culture considers that tantric sex helps to facilitate a balance in the universe and acts to absolve the sins of the man against nature and the cosmos.

Ancient texts describe how cannabis was often used in Tantric sexual rituals, dating back to the year 700 AD, where sex, cannabis and Tantra combined to create a physically demanding, but exquisite experience that brought a real awakening, ecstasy and balance for practitioners.

Those who practiced Tantric sex often drank a cannabis preparation called ” bhang “. It’s basically a heated cannabis milkshake. The resinous cannabis buds were added to milk and sugar, along with other flavors, before being heated to allow cannabinoids, such as THC, to activate in the mixture. The drink was then drunk, followed by breathing and visualization exercises until the effects of cannabis were felt. Once drunkenness was achieved, meditation and Tantric sex soon followed.

Many cannabis sex rituals are described as the worship of female beauty and normally focus on two acts – intercourse and an act of oral sex performed on a woman by a man. Through tantric exercise and meditation, the two participants tried to make the sexual act last as long as possible.

Some texts describe how the intercourse lasted 7-8 hours before the two participants reached an amazing orgasm, spiritual and fed by cannabis – which produced a timeless sensation of Nirvana during its duration.


As we mentioned, the question of whether cannabis acts as a sexual stimulant or sexual suppressor is debated in the scientific community.

While the historical descriptions cited above point out how cannabis was used to improve sex , it has also been used throughout history as a sexual suppressant. For example, the ancient Roman medical book, De Materia Medica (“About Medical Matters”), makes references to how cannabis could be used to treat pain and discomfort, as well as to suppress sexual desire.

So how can cannabis be both a stimulant and a suppressor? Well, modern science suggests that it is related to the dose of THC that enters the body. Research from the University of Texas has found that cannabis affects male sexual activity in two phases. In laboratory tests on mice, it was discovered that the initial dose of THC increased the amount of testosterone in the blood up to about 6 times normal. However, 20 minutes later, the testosterone levels dropped, well below the levels of the control group.

What is also interesting in this research is that she discovered that the low dose mice kept high testosterone levels for up to an hour. Only the high dose mice saw their testosterone levels drop rapidly. What this suggests is that the consumption of a small amount of cannabis can put men in the mood, and for a good time, while giving a high dose to a man will push him to reach the peak too soon , or even to prevent any peak.

This supports the theories of Tantra – practitioners would not have consumed large amounts, because the intention was not to “hover.” This is supported once again by anecdotal reports from modern consumers who report feeling much more sexually connected and close to their partner after consuming just small amounts of cannabis.


During sexual intercourse, without the aid of any stimulation by a substance, the body produces the luteinizing hormone. It takes about 20 minutes for it to be produced in the pituitary gland and then to travel to the testes, where it then helps to produce testosterone. Testosterone then travels back to the pituitary gland, which creates a circuit in the bloodstream.

This system stops when the brain considers that there is enough testosterone in the body. Large doses of THC seem to disrupt this system, possibly causing the brain to believe that there is enough testosterone too soon, which causes testosterone levels to drop 20 minutes later. As we mentioned, low doses of THC don’t seem to have this effect.

So, as you can see, cannabis can both stimulate and suppress sexual desire. It has played a big role in the history of sex in men and will likely continue to do so for many years. The practice of Tantra has shown us how the use of cannabis during sexual intercourse can be a very beautiful and very intimate experience.


It doesn’t matter if you prefer deep spiritual connections, or adventurous dating scenarios, there is a variety for everyone. Explore your inner desires with the alluring varieties mentioned above and find out what the universe has in store for you. Having an orgasm under the influence of high-end cannabinoids can be so intense that it breaks the barrier of human language and can no longer be expressed in words. So find your partner, smoke this herb and go to practical work.