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How to Take a Urine Drug Test – HOW TO PASS A URINARY DRUG TEST

It is all well and good, but then, how can you SUCCEED a drug test Keep in mind that none of these methods are 100% effective and you will not really learn how to take the tests, but rather how to maximize your chances of passing them.

These days, depending on where you live, you may find yourself forced to take a drug test for your job. Urine tests are especially common in the United States, where Ronald Reagan institutionalized mandatory drug testing for federal employees in the 1980s, tests which later spread to the private sector. Some states even require these tests to access social assistance. Job drug tests can also happen in Britain, Australia, and Canada.

Civil rights activists view drug testing as a violation of privacy, and an intrusion by the state and employers into the privacy of its citizens. Workplace drug tests have also been criticized as violations of physical integrity, encouraging a misconception of the influence of drug use on job performance, and as an abuse of power on the part of the workplace. employers and the state.

If you find yourself being tested for drugs at your workplace, you may want to consider the methods below to get a negative result. The first thing to know is that there are different types of drug tests: blood tests, saliva tests, sweat tests, hair tests, and urine tests. Blood tests are the most accurate, but they require expensive equipment and personnel. Some of the other tests can only detect very recent drug use. The urine test is considered a happy medium, and it is the most common form of workplace testing.


Scientists who test drugs using urine follow a similar method to white blood cells for antigens in the body. When antigens are discovered, white blood cells release antibodies. The antibodies corresponding to the antigens come to bind to it. More antibodies will then be released, and they will bind to all antigens. The T lymphocytes then attack the antigens labeled by the antibodies.

Doctors specializing in drug research do the same. They deposit antibodies at the bottom of a specialized box, then drown them with the sample. The antibodies will then lock onto any drug metabolite present in the sample. This is what allows scientists to determine which drug the donor has used.


One of the best ways to get a urine test is to just wait until all traces of the drug are gone from your urine. Depending on the type of drug, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

MDMA and fungi can be detected up to 5 days after consumption. Cocaine and speed can be detected up to 3 three days after taking. Suboxone can be detected for 6 days and vicodin is detectable for 36 hours. Alcohol can be detected up to 80 hours after consumption. If you consume large amounts of a substance, especially if it is on a regular basis, then these substances may be detectable for a longer duration.

But what about the poppy seed myth? Whoever says that if we consume a large quantity of poppy seeds which contain opium, we could be tested positive. Unfortunately this myth is true. We therefore recommend that you take your turn in terms of seed breads for at least three days before the tests.

You may have noticed that we have forgotten some drugs. We have good news and bad news. First good news for acid consumers: you are lucky! LSD is active in such minimal doses that it is almost impossible to detect it via a urine test. The only way to detect acid with certainty is through a comprehensive blood, urine, and serum / stomach content test. Your employer can only call one of these tests if you are suspected of using LSD. In order not to try the devil before a urine test, avoid taking acid in the previous 24 hours.

It’s the bad news. There is one drug that stays in your system for much longer than the others. And it’s marijuana.

The herb can stay in your system for 35 to 40 days, and possibly longer if you are a heavy consumer. Unfortunately, that window of time is probably longer than the warning received before a drug test. Also, if you face urine tests every month, the only way to guarantee negative results is to quit smoking completely! Cannabis users with a high body mass index may have detectable levels of cannabis for up to 81 days after their last use.


By searching on Google for “how to pass a drug test”, you will find a bunch of articles ranging from kits to cranberry juice detox recommendations. Most of the time, this is wrong. Here are some of the most common myths about how to take a drug test.


The dilution method is based on the theory that if you consume enough water, your urine will be diluted and it will be more difficult to detect drug metabolites. This method may have been functional during the 1980s, but nowadays, drug testing is far more sophisticated and difficult to fool. They are much more sensitive, and can often detect very small traces of metabolites. In addition, the lab will be able to determine that your urine is abnormally diluted, and will ask to repeat the test, which will add to your employer’s suspicion. Some people tested try to get by by mixing the dilution with a huge dose of vitamin C, which is used to dilute metabolites while presenting nutrient-rich urine. If you choose this option,

Some websites recommend adding water secretly to your urine test. It’s extremely risky, you open the possibility of getting your hand caught in the bag (or in the jar), which could cause real complications. In addition, some testers add an agent that will turn blue in the presence of water, making the attempt to cheat obvious. Even if you succeed in adding water, diluting the drug metabolites will certainly not fool modern tests, but we have already explained this above.


With drugs other than cannabis, this should be enough. Exercising and consuming large amounts of fluids for a few days / weeks before taking the test should be sufficient. Be sure to keep in mind the speed of disappearance specific to each drug listed at the beginning of this article.

With cannabis, the natural approach could work as long as you have one month. THC and THC-COOH are stored in fat, so people with a low BMI will take less time to get rid of THC metabolites. Do a lot of sport, eat fruits and vegetables, little fat, and drink lots of water.

Sport is great if you have time to “prepare” for the test, but does not work on the day of the test. Burning some fat just before the test could release THC into your bloodstream, which will end up in your urine just before the test.

If you are less than a month old, or have a high BMI, we recommend that you supplement your preparation with a detox kit.


Detox kits come in many forms: some are made to be used for several days, while others can be used for weeks when you are working to rid your system of THC. Detox kits contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, allowing your body to get rid of drug residue, and ensuring that your urine does not appear washed out. Detox kits can be combined with pectin, which binds to the metabolites of THC and redirects them to the gastrointestinal system so that they escape with your feces rather than in your urine. Keep in mind that no detox kit works 100% of the time,


If you cannot escape it, then this method will probably be successful. Synthetic urine to pass any drug test is similar enough to urine not to be detected during drug tests. The only thing that could cause you to be discovered is if the synthetic urine is too cold. To avoid this, place the synthetic urine between your thighs before taking the test to warm it up. Some synthetic urine packaging is even delivered with false penis, making it possible to use it in the event of close monitoring (only the penis model exists, sorry ladies).

We recommend synthetic urine rather than using that of a friend. First, if your friend smoked five weeks ago and doesn’t remember it, you could end up with positive results. Then bacteria can grow on the surface of human urine. If left unrefrigerated for more than an hour, it can start to turn: an obvious sign to any healthcare professional that the urine is not yours.


Whether you use the natural method, a detox method, or a friend’s urine, you may want to test the urine you are going to use to get an idea of ​​your chances of success. Try the Urine Drug Test for a specific drug, or the 5-Panel Drug Screen for multiple drugs.

Keep in mind that your urine can be tested positive one day and negative the next. To increase your chances, test your urine for several days in a row. If you have a good chain of negative results, you can start to feel calm about the official test.