How does CBD affect your sex life

How does CBD affect your sex life?

How does CBD affect your sex life CBD oils, lotions, capsules and lubricants are used before sex to increase your pleasure. Anecdotal reports claim that this cannabinoid works wonders, but what does research say?

The bedroom is a place of physical intimacy where partners get to know each other more intimately, it is the place where couples unleash their fantasies and fulfill the desires of both. But for many, the bedroom can also be a place of disappointment, discomfort and discomfort. Almost 5% of 40-year-old men experience erectile dysfunction and only 29% of women reach orgasm during sex. It is estimated that one in three men experience premature ejaculation and that 17% of women aged 18 to 50 experience vaginal dryness during sex.

Whatever adult movies and romantic comedies say, sex isn’t always a creeping act of extreme pleasure. But that is not to say that it should be a constant disappointment. People of all genders are looking for a cure for the aforementioned disorders. Pharmaceutical pills are consumed, sexual therapies are followed and breathing exercises are put in place.

It may be time to add cannabis to this repertoire. We’re not suggesting you hover before bedtime (unless that’s your thing). It’s CBD that gets attention, even under the sheets.


Anecdotal studies bring a unique vision on the world of sex fed by this cannabinoid. 5398 Americans participated in a study investigating the consumption of CBD in the bedroom. Nearly 9% of those polled said they had used the cannabinoid specifically for sex. Men lasted 31% longer on average, while 33% of women reached orgasm faster. It is interesting to note that 72% of men and 76% of women experienced more intense orgasms. Although anecdotal evidence is at the bottom of the evidence hierarchy, such studies offer an interesting view while the science is missing.

So can CBD improve your sex life? Can it really prolong its duration and improve orgasm? There is no clear answer to this question. Let’s delve into what research has said so far.


Low libido could damage the sexual aspects of a relationship. This common disorder is linked to stress, fatigue and relationship disorders. Loss of sexual attraction, lack of communication or confidence, and being too familiar with your partner can contribute to a decrease in sexual attraction.

Sex is the cement of many couples. Not that it’s the only thing that matters, but it promotes privacy and openness. When sex becomes less frequent, the fire of a relationship begins to burn out. So, maybe CBD could spice up your sex life? Although the cannabinoid is still in need of proving its effectiveness for many causes of low sexual attraction, early evidence is in favor of its anti-anxiety effect. Anxiety can have a major effect on the libido and give rise to a lack of desire and an avoidance of the sexual act.


The way in which CBD affects sex life is unclear. The lack of scientific evidence leaves it to anecdotal evidence to paint the picture. Many people report an increase in sexual pleasure after using CBD, but only well-designed studies will confirm whether this result is reproducible. But for now, why not give it a try? Why not share CBD with your partner before sharing something much more intimate.