Can CBD make you fail a drug test?

Can CBD make you fail a drug test?

Can CBD make you fail a drug test – Sometimes a drug test can make the difference between having a job and being unemployed, but can something as harmless as CBD be detected in this kind of test?

Drug testing is becoming more common in the workplace and for certain professions. It is a privacy violation and we disagree with them. Why should your employer care about what you do in your spare time? As long as the job is done well and you do not pose a risk to society, you do not show up at work while under the influence of cannabis or something else, then where is the problem? No one would be penalized for drinking alcohol in their spare time, so why would it be the case with other, much less harmful substances  ? But enough digressions, whether you agree or not, for many people, no way to avoid the dreaded drug test.


If you are fortunate enough to be employed by a company that does not have tests, then you may not be aware of these practices. It is much more common in the United States, but it is slowly being adopted by more and more employers in Europe, especially in large companies.

Essentially, it involves collecting a urine or hair sample. With this sample, a number of tests are performed to determine if you have used illegal substances recently. If so, you may be subject to disciplinary action, or even lose your job.


Let’s get to the heart of the matter. In theory urine tests shouldn’t detect CBD, but they can. The main psychoactive compound in cannabis is THC and it is this substance that is sought in tests . In fact, to be more precise, it is actually the main metabolite of THC, THC-COOH, that urine tests look for, through an immunoassay process. These tests have a threshold of 50 ng / mL and anything above this threshold will give a positive test. Once this threshold is exceeded, a verification test is often carried out with a much more sensitive GC / MS test, which will be positive for anything that exceeds a threshold of 15 ng / mL.

Fortunately, this metabolite has very few crosses with other cannabinoids , such as CBG and CBD, and these cannabinoids should not be detected. However, in the case of excessive consumption of CBD (about 1000-2000mg of hemp oil per day), the initial test may have a false positive result. This is because, when consumed in large amounts, the other non-THC metabolites can trigger an immunological response. When the more specific GC / MS test is performed, it should however be negative because it is a much more specific and precise test. However, the employer must have used a high level testing service for this false positive test to be identified as such. If the basic, so high consumption of CBD can lead to problems.

It is also important to understand that CBD products produced from hemp often contain a tiny amount of THC. When you consume 1000-2000mg of hemp oil every day, you can consume at the same time up to 2-5mg of THC and even if it is not enough to have a hovering effect if the doses are spaced, it is enough for accumulation in the body to cause a positive test.


Well, if you use CBD , consume a lot of it, and think you need to get tested for work, the best thing to do is buy high quality , laboratory tested CBD products . They are likely to contain much less THC and will give you an idea of ​​the content tested in the laboratory. If you consume small amounts of CBD, you don’t have to worry.

Ultimately, you need to know exactly which tests will be used, whether advanced GC / MC tests will be used to rule out any false positive test, and whether you can safely tell your employer about your use of CBD remedies before the test. , so that a positive result is less suspect. There is no reason for your employer to take a dim view of CBD use, as it is legal, but you never know.

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